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Fermentation is a very important technology for the production of various bulk chemicals, fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Compared to the chemical manufacturing of various compounds fermentative production is a proven technology to yield enantiomer pure chemicals with low environmental burden. High conversion efficiencies are often achieved in fermentative production processes. For this reason, a growing number of chemical industries are investigating biotech methodologies as a better alternative for chemical synthesis of compounds. Moreover, by means of fermentation it is possible to convert abundant raw materials or waste materials to produce high value products.
IMEnz Bioengineering has advanced fermentation equipment and expertise from lab scale to pilot scale to study process conditions, to optimize medium composition, and to maximize biomass or product yields.
Also, we can explore our strain collections to find a suitable microorganism to produce a desired biochemical or intermediate.
IMEnz Bioengineering is experienced in selecting suitable strains and to develop optimal process conditions for the fermentative production of desired compounds.
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