Contracting IMEnz Bioengineering opens up the possibility to quickly explore new strategies and new developments for your company. Projects can be either short-term or long-term, which makes our facilities accessible to companies with relatively low budgets for innovations and product development. The high costs of personnel and investments are avoided, while at the same time access to an enormous pool of know-how is obtained.

Fields of Expertise

IMEnz Bioengineering is active in the following areas:


IMEnz Bioengineering advises and assists in:

IMEnz stimulates the transfer of scientific know-how and technology from universities or government research institutes to the biotech industry. For the industry IMEnz Bioengineering can be a portal to the sophisticated knowledge of Academic Departments and Institutes engaged in life sciences and biotechnology research. IMEnz advises and constructively contributes to the design of applied research plans, and in a later phase IMEnz can be active in the realization of such projects.