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IMEnz Bioengineering is a biotechnology company that carries out applied research of Industrial MICROORGANISMS and Enzymes. IMEnz bridges the gap between science and industrial applications to accelerate the innovation power of her customers. IMEnz develops sustainable processes to produce biobased chemicals from renewable raw materials. Such organic sources can be the widespread byproducts from the agri-related industry, including food and feed producers, the paper industry, and others.

Examples of products and processes that we have co-developed are: various HIGH QUALITY NUTRIENTS for fermentation; the fermentative production of CHIRAL BIOCHEMICALS; the engineering of (proteolytic) enzymes to hydrolyse proteins even under extreme conditions; libraries of microorganisms; enzyme libraries; peptide libraries; binding protein libraries; a screening system for the discovery of natural ANTI-MICROBIAL agents, to name a few. Our innovations contribute to the development of a sustainable economy while at the same time cost savings and a better climate are achieved.

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Fields of Expertise


Development and Improvement of Fermentation Processes


Protein hydrolysis - Peptide libraries - Enzyme engineering


Valuable products from organic sources and industrial byproducts


Development of Natural Anti-microbials against undesired Microorganisms