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What can IMEnz mean for the  Industry?

Contracting IMEnz Bioengineering opens up the possibility to quickly explore new strategies and new developments for your company. Projects can be either short-term or long-term, to open our facilities for feasibility studies and for complete innovation projects and product developments. Contracting IMEnz also avoids high costs of in house employment of specialised personnel and of specific project investments, while at the same time access to a great network of know-how is obtained.

Also, access is given to exploring IMEnz unique strain collections to find a microorganism suited for the bioproduction of a desired biochemical or intermediate. Specific micro organisms that can do the job or isolated enzymes that catalyze a specific chemical reaction can be screened for. In our collections IMEnz has already found natural hosts that produce optically pure enantiomers of various biochemicals.

IMEnz is active in the following areas​

  • Industrial Microorganisms
  • Lactic Acid Bacteria in Food- and Non-Food Applications
  • Yeasts
  • Food Grade modification of Industrial Microorganisms and Enzymes by Modern Molecular Biology Techniques
  • Fermentation Process Development, including scale-up
  • Screening of Microorganism Collections
  • Protein Valorisation
  • Enzyme screening, detection, analysis, and pilot productions
  • Bioconservation (Antimicrobials)
  • Bioconversion and Agrification

and more ....

  • Literature surveys and screening
  • Feasibility studies
  • Development of new techniques and standard operation protocols
  • Development of new applications in biotechnology
  • Development of new products
IMEnz links biotech companies to sophisticated knowledge of Academic Research Departments and Institutes engaged in life sciences and biotechnology research by constructively contributing in the development and realization of biotech projects.

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